Savchenkov A. V.

Influence of values-based orientations of education students on evolvement of their professional flexibility


There is a need to develop professional flexibility and a values-based attitude to pedagogical activity in future teachers. In recent years, pedagogical activity has been associated with extreme and stressful situations, constantly changing conditions of learning and general uncertainty. This imposes requirements for the professional flexibility of future teachers. Teachers are required to have the stability of their personal qualities, on the one hand, and flexibility, on the other hand. Therefore, this work con-siders professional stability as a fundamental basis. Professional flexibility of future teachers is understood as a set of emotional, vocational, and behavioral flexibilities, which provide a values-based attitude to pedagogical activity, regulation, and stability of professional behavior, readiness to respond quickly to changing conditions and challenges of the professional environment by finding original solutions to professional problems. An empirical study of the values-based orientations of 213 first-year students was carried out in the South Ural State Humanitarian Pedagogical University, Chelyabinsk, for four years. It was found that students are orientated towards values that are prioritized in pedagogical activity, and this provides the basis for the successful formation of the values-based orientations to pedagogical activity. In the course of university studies and specially organized work, the existing values-based orientation of future teachers is gradually transformed into a values-based attitude to pedagogical activity, which in turn underlies the evolvement of professional flexibility.

About the autors:

Savchenkov Alexey Viktorovich, ORCID 0000-0002-7268-1533, Ph.D., South Ural State Humanitarian Pedagogical University, Chelyabinsk, Russia,

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Key words:

professional flexibility; professional stability; education student; value orientation