Litvinenko N. K.

Historical aspects of vocational training of state civil servants in Russia


The article examines the historical aspects of the professional training of civil servants in Russia. It is shown that the effectiveness of the functioning of the civil service institution largely depends on the quality of vocational training of civil servants. The historiography of vocational training of civil servants in Russia from the 9th to the 19th century is given. The study used narrative and systemic methods. The article dwells upon the educational institutions that trained civil servants, the studied academic disciplines and the examinations that students and graduates had to pass. It is noted that the application and reinterpretation of the pedagogical practices of the past, taking into account modern developments, can be instrumental in building an educational system for the professional training of civil servants.

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Litvinenko Natalya Kimovna, Ph.D., ORCID 0000-0002-4499-4196, Luhansk State Pedagogical University, Luhansk, the Luhansk People’s Republic;

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Key words:

professional training; vocational training system; state civil servants; government