Korosteleva L. V.

Political discourse as an academic discipline in professional training


The article argues the relevance of such academic subject as Political Discourse within the framework of philological disciplines of the main educational programs for some bachelor’s degrees. The object of the study was Political Discourse as an area of research in political linguistics. The subject of study was the communicative components of political discourse, which, if mastered, can contribute to the formation of necessary competencies for the confident navigation of the communicative environment. Analysis, synthesis, and historical approach were the main theoretical research methods that helped study different approaches to the study of political discourse and its functions. To develop the methodological part (the academic program of the proposed discipline), we used structural analysis, which makes it possible to study the structure of elements constituting political discourse; discourse analysis, which allows focusing on both the individual characteristics of the address and the contextual analysis; comparative analysis, which compares various examples of political discourse, identifies their similarities and differences; modeling, to develop the training program of the Political Discourse discipline. The result of the study was the training program ‘Fundamentals of Political Discourse,’ recommended for the Journalism major in institutions of higher education.

About the autors:

Korosteleva Larisa Vladimirovna, ORCID: 0000-0003-4372-0190, Ph.D., Nizhnevartovsk State University, Nizhnevartovsk, Russia, klimovalar@inbox.ru

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Key words:

political communication; professional competency; educational program; training journalists