Koroleva M. Yu.

Evaluation of profession-oriented foreign language competency of cadets in competency-based approach


The article addresses the problem of evaluating the profession-oriented foreign language competency of cadets of a military educational establishment of higher education on the basis of the competency-based approach. The quality of education given to military specialists is an important task for any military educational organization of higher education and its chairs. To ensure a high level of training, it is necessary to organize the educational process and the competency evaluation in such a way as to create the necessary conditions for the formation of competencies required by the educational program, and also for the development of cadets' personalities. The article considers the evaluation system for the profession-oriented foreign language competency of cadets in the competency-based approach. A general description of the competency evaluation procedure is given. The proposed recommendations for making evaluations rely on the European experience in education and evaluation according to the competency-based approach. The article specifies twelve types of assignments for evaluation, which are divided into four groups, and gives a practical example of their use in the learning outcome monitoring and the midterm attestation for the foreign language discipline in a higher naval school. It is highlighted that using various types and methods of evaluation is important, and the continuous and differentiated character of such evaluation can provide feedback and ensure the implementation of the competency-based approach in foreign language learning.

About the autors:

Koroleva Maria Yurievna, ORCID: 0000-0002-2183-099Х, Humanitarian-Pedagogical Academy of the Vernadsky Crimean Federal University; Black Sea Higher Naval School named after Admiral Pavel Nakhimov, Sevastopol, Russia, sevas_mary@list.ru

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Key words:

evaluation; foreign language training; cadets; profession-oriented competency; military educational institution of higher education; com-petency-based approach