Knyazeva A. G.

Training future bachelors of social work to use regulatory legal acts: a descriptor analysis


This study seeks to identify methodological foundations of the legal training of bachelors of social work, in particular, training to use of regulatory legal acts. The aim of the study was to reveal the descriptors of legal training, developed by Novikov, that characterize methodology as a way of organizing activities. The Russian Professional Standard “Social Work Specialist” and the Federal State Educational Standard 39.03.02 “Social Work” require that the graduates majoring in this discipline acquire the legal competency that is manifested in the ability to use normative legal acts of the international, federal, and regional levels to protect and assert social rights of citizens. It is recommended, in training bachelors of social work to use normative legal acts, to identify such descriptors as the activity characteristics, the logical structure, and the temporary structure. Using the analysis and synthesis of scientific and practical activities, the process of training future bachelors of social work is described through its features (standards, personal orientation), principles (organizational, substantive), norms of activity (competence, individualization of training), subject, object, subject matter, forms (interactive seminars on the legal framework, workshops), means, methods (organization and implementation of educational and cognitive activities, stimulation and motivation, control and self-control), activity outcomes, and stages (informational and methodological stage, organizational activity stage, conceptual strategic stage, experimental and formative stage). The identification of structural components corresponds to the principles of the systemic approach that allows a deeper study of the essence, content, and characteristics of the object under study. The descriptive analysis of training can be used in the system of professional development for social work specialists.

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Knyazeva Anna Gennadievna, ORCID: 0000-0003-2437-9871, Ph.D., Turgenev Oryol State University, Oryol, Russia,

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Key words:

bachelor of social work; logical structure; normative legal acts; activity characteristics; temporary structure