Efimov E. G., Abramenko E. V.

Discussion issues of the use of social internet networks in education


An article on materials of the analysis of scientific publications the main debatable questions use of social networks in education is formulated. The research optimum forms of use of social networks belong to the first group of questions, the second group is made by the works devoted discussion of risks of introduction of networks in the educational process, and the third group is formed by publications with the analysis of technical aspects. The analysis of the publications showed that the introduction of networks into the daily practices of students is growing, while the introduction of EIOS occurs at different rates. In this situation, it is necessary to take into account the views of students, the formation of skills of their behavior in the network space, since many functions of social networks can be successfully integrated into the EIOS, which will reduce the degree of risks associated with the use of public networks. On the other hand, for employees of educational institutions, the introduction of EIOS will create a system of General social norms and regulatory principles regulating the use of information technologies in the educational process.

About the autors:

Efimov Eugene Gennadievich, ORCID: 0000-0003-1843-7449, Ph.D., Volgograd state technical University, Volgograd, Russia, ez07@mail.ru; Elena Vyacheslavovna Abramenko, ORCID: 0000-0002-4550-9295, PhD, Volgograd state technical University, Volgograd, Russia, abramella@list.ru

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Key words:

social network; public opinion; education; science; Russian science citation injex; EIOS