E. A. Romanenko, D. V. Moskovchenko, A. A. Kudryavtsev, G. N. Shigabaeva

Mobile forms of metals in soils in the Nadym-Pur interfluve (Western Siberia)


The total concentrations of metals (Fe, Mn, Cu, Ni, Cr, Sr) and their mobile forms extract-ed by an ammonium acetate buffer (pH = 4,8) were studied in soils samples collected from Nadym-Pur interfluve (West Siberia), near the northern limit of the taiga zone. The heavy metal content was determined in 55 background soil samples and in 25 pyrogenic ones. Gross content was determined on a spectrometer "SPECTROSCAN MAX-GV" using x-ray fluorescence analysis. Mobile forms of metals were determined on a ContrAA 700 atomic absorption spectrometer by flame and electrothermal methods. The statistics are calculated using the Excel software package. The study confirmed the weak accumulation of metals in the soils of the northern regions of Western Siberia. The total con-tent below the soil world average for Fe is 5 times, Mn – 3 times, Sr – 2 times, Cr – 1,4 times. The content of mobile forms varies widely depending on the amount of organic matter. The percentage of mobile forms of metals from the total content was: Cr – 0.84%, Fe – 1,2%, Sr – 3,8%, Mn – 8,7%, Ni – 15%. In the profile of podzols, the distribution of mobile forms of metals has an eluvial-illuvial char-acter. Mn and Sr accumulate intensively in the sur-face organogenic horizons and the Fe content in-creases in the BF horizon. Minimum values are marked in horizon E. In pyrogenic soils, there is an increase in the content of mobile forms of metals due to the intake of ash. Metal content usually not exceeded the maximal permissible concentrations for soils.

About the autors:

Romanenko Elizaveta Akhmedovna, ORCID: 0000-0003-2964-1226, Tyumen Scientific Centre SB RAS, Tyumen, Russia, leta-92@list.ru; Moskovchenko Dmitry Valerievich, ORCID: 0000-0001-6338-7669, Dr. habil., Tyumen Scientific Centre SB RAS, Tyumen, Russia, moskovchenko1965@gmail.com; Kudryavtsev Alexan-der Alekseevich, Ph.D., Agrarian State University of Northern Trans-Urals, Tyumen, Russia, kudrphys@mail.ru; Shigabaeva Gulnara Nurchallaevna, Ph.D., Tyumen State University, Tyumen, Russia, g.n.shigabaeva@utmn.ru.

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Western Siberia; soils; metals; mobile forms; podzols.