A. M. Psarev

Materials for the study of the fauna of Coleoptera specially protected natural areas of the Altai territory (the mouth of the Peschanaya river)


The Altai Territory is notable for its poorly studied entomofauna of specially protected natural areas. The work first provides the results of the study of the fauna of necrophilous Coleoptera on the territory of the natural monument "The Mouth of the Peschanaya River". The collection was conducted with the help of soil traps with bait. 51 species from 7 Coleptera families were found. Carabidae and species of other families not belonging to the ecological group under study were not taken into account. Staphylinidae was the most numerous in terms of species (54,9% of the total number of species), significantly inferior to Silphidae and Scarabaeidae (13,7% and 9,8% respectively), the share of the remaining four families (Histeridae, Leiodidae, Hydro-philidae, Dermestidae) was 21,6% in total. Silphidae (Nicrophorus vespillo, Oiceoptoma thoracicum, etc.) dominated the numbers. The dominant species (Nicrophorus vespilloides) belongs to the same family. Common and numerous were Anoplotrupes ster-corosus, Aphodius rectus (Scarabaeidae), Sciodre-poides watsoni (Leiodidae). Of staphilinids, the most numerous in terms of species were not dominant, only three species (Philonthus cruentatus, Aleochara curtula, Drusilla canaliculata) had the second class of abundance, the rest were single species, from 1 to 4 individuals. In Staphylinidae, in addition to the usual herpetobionic and necrophilous species, species characteristic of the banks of reservoirs (Philonthus quisquiliarius, Bledius sp.), fungi (Oxyporus maxillo-sus, Gyrophena sp.) were present in the collections. An assessment of species richness, dominance and equilibrium in the community of necrophilous Cole-optera showed average values of Shannon index (H = 2,2), Berger-Parker index (d = 0, 0,43) and Pielou’s evenness index (E = 0, 0,57).

About the autors:

Psarev Alexander Mikhailovich, ORCID: 0000-0003-2370-2729, Dr. habil., The Shukshin Al-tai State Humanities Pedagogical University, Biysk, Russia, apsarev@mail.ru

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Key words:

biodiversity; Altai; protected areas; nec-rophilous beetles; Coleoptera; Staphylinidae; Sil-phidae; Histeridae; Nitidulidae; Leiodidae.