A. S. Hnykin, E. A. Ivantsova

Seasonal variation of spider species composition in Volgograd agglomeration


The article addresses changes in the species composition of spiders during the warm season. The qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the spider community were analyzed during the most important periods of their activity in the main biotopes of the Volgograd agglomeration. The Cluster Analysis application, based on the Jaccard index, was used. The material was collected using 10 mm Barber soil traps with a fixing liquid (6% acetic acid solution). In total, 235 species of spiders belonging to 26 families were identified, including 195 species belonging to 23 families on the territory of Volgograd. Notably, 155 species were new to the fauna of the Volgograd region. Species Trichoncus villus Tanasevitch et Piterkina was found in the Russian Federation for the first time. The species composition was analyzed during critical periods of spider life: the end of winter diapause, the time before the summer diapause, the termination of summer diapause, and the period of before winter the diapause. In each case, a set of traps were exposed for seven days. The spring period was characterized by the maximum number of species, and the maximum similarity in species composition was observed between the moment when spiders leave the winter diapause and the period before the summer diapause. During the warm season, the species composition changed almost completely twice: before the end of the summer diapause and at the end of the warm season, approaching the spring values. These changes were significantly less relevant to near-water biotopes, where environmental conditions were more stable compared to the other studied biotopes.

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Hnykin Alexander Sergeevich, ORCID: 0000-0001-8577-1960, Federal Scientific Center for Agroecology, Complex Melioration and Protective Afforestation of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Volgograd, Russia, theraan@mail.ru; Ivantsova Elena Anatolyevna, ORCID: 0000-0003-4265-9703, Dr. habil., Volgograd State University, Volgograd, Russia, ivantsova.volgu@mail.ru

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Key words:

spiders; species composition; biotopes; Volgograd agglomeration