Yu.Yu. Petrova, E.V. Sevast'yanova



The authors have shown the experience of using the methodology of project-oriented training for the implementation of the international CDIO initiative standards in the disciplines of 1–2 courses of the bachelor's program in Chemistry. The research activities of students in the SurGU «Local Farm» project aimed at creating a system of chemical monitoring of the state and quality of plants grown in protected (closed) soil are considered in detail. It was shown that as a result of project activity in the disciplines «Introduction to project activity» (1–2 semesters) and «Project activity» (3–4 semesters), along with general professional competences, personal and interpersonal competences were formed and developed (communication skills, flexibility, ability to teamwork), and also the level of personal motivation for engineering professions was increased. A comparative analysis showed that the requirements for the learning outcomes to graduates of educational programs in the field of engineering and technology (CDIO Syllabus) are in good agreement with the competencies outlined in the new standards FGOS (3++). This demonstrates the applicability of CDIO standards to the implementation of Bachelor’s programs in Chemistry.

About the autors:

Yuliya Yurievna Petrova1, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Director of the Institute of Natural and Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of Chemistry Department; Ekaterina Viktorovna Sevast’yanova2, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Head of Chemistry Department, Associate Professor of Chemistry Department

Place of employment:

Surgut State University1,2


1,2628412, Россия, г. Сургут, пр. Ленина, д. 1; тел.: 8(3462)76-30-91; 1е-mail: yyp.71@mail.ru, 2е-mail: sevastyanovaev@gmail.com

Key words:

higher education; project activity; project-oriented training; learning outcomes; competence approach; CDIO initiative standards