M.G. Fedotova, Z.V. Vozgova



The article covers the relevant scientific research competence of a foreign language teacher in modern conditions, describes its structure and content. The main methods of research include analysis of scientific literature, generalization and systematization of pedagogical experience on the problem, the survey of students to determine their readiness for research activities. The purpose of the presented research is a theoretical analysis of the formation of scientific research competence of students. The result of the study is to consider formation of research activities among students, which includes three stages: preparatory, main, and final with a set of tasks for each of them. The analysis of practical research has confirmed that specifically designed training is required to prepare students for scientific research activities. The most effective ways of forming scientific research competence involve different types of tasks, but the basics of the analysis are composed of specific methodological cases at a foreign language lesson. It can be stated that the formation of scientific research competence consists of a number of stages ensuring the formation of all its components as a complex. In conclusion scientific research competence creates favorable conditions for professional competence development of a foreign language teacher, as well as it has a positive impact on the development of the cognitive field of an individual.

About the autors:

Marina Gennadievna Fedotova1, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of English Language and Methods of Teaching English; Zinaida Vladimirovna Vozhova2, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Head of the Department of Foreign Languages with a Latin course.

Place of employment:

South Ural State Humanitarian Pedagogical University1, South Ural State Medical University2.


1,2454080, Россия, г. Челябинск, пр. Ленина, 69; 1тел.: 8(963)076-89-19, e-mail: fedotovamg@cspu.ru; 2тел.: 8(900)078-44-95, e-mail: zinaidavozgova@mail.ru; vozgovazv@cspu.ru

Key words:

competence; scientific research competence; formation of scientific research competence; competence-based approach; task-based approach; task.