N.V. Kurilovich, E.A. Chernova



Competence and research competence have been considered in this article as a factor of social teachers’ readiness in work with disabled children. Research competence in working with such children is a necessary component for the subsequent manifestation of professional readiness of the subsequent manifestation of professional readiness of the future teacher and achievement of the skills and development of their own style of work. Research competence is considered as an integral concept, with a stable personal education of the individual and inherent knowledge, skills and personal qualities, motives, values that determine the competence of future specialists. The problem of research competence is multifaceted, as it combines psychological, sociological and pedagogical aspects. It should be considered as a holistic manifestation of the internal activity of the future social pedagogue, his theoretical and practical readiness for research, and the content of professional activity is aimed at independent knowledge, problem solving. External and internal factors influencing the formation of research competence from the position of macro-, mezzo- and micro- levels are identified. In our opinion, the components of research activity are axiological, cognitive, technological and project. Each component corresponds to the levels: high, medium, low. In relation to the educational process of the University research competence encourages to stimulate the interest of students to work with children, to search for independent solutions, the formation of professional competence and motivational readiness, directing to a deeper study and understanding of future professional activities.

About the autors:

N.V. Kurilovich1, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor of social work University; E.A. Chernova2, teacher of additional education, postgraduate student of the Department of social work of Tambov State University. G. R. Derzhavina

Place of employment:

Tambov state University G.R. Derzhavina1; Municipal budgetary institution of additional education «House of children's creativity «Lira»2


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Key words:

disabled children; competence; research competence; factors; levels; components of research competence