A.M. Salavatova



The article describes the organization of multicultural education in a university in the context of globalization that drives such general changes as the active integration, the creation of a single European cultural and educational space, and the strengthening of intercultural interaction, all of which brings peoples closer to each other. The theoretical analysis of literary sources highlighted an important component of extracurricular educational work of a university – the activity of student associations. This activity appears essential for understanding the required level of multicultural education. This research aimed to theoretically substantiate and empirically test the multicultural education of students (the levels of multicultural education beinghigh, medium and low). It was experimentally shown that students have a low level of multicultural education. To educatestudents on the topic and raise their general level of culture, a model for organizing multicultural education was developed and introduced into the real educational process. The proposed organizational model included such elements as the goal and objectives of multicultural education; the units and the stages of multicultural education; and the organizational and pedagogical structure of multicultural education in the multicultural educational environment of the university. The effectiveness of multicultural education was achieved through the proper organization of multicultural education and the ability to provide a high level of tolerance, a medium-high level of pedagogical communicative competence, empathic capabilities, and students' readiness for the dialogue of cultures.

About the autors:

Asil Magomedovna Salavatova, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Senior Lecturerat the Department of Pedagogy and Pedagogical and Social Education

Place of employment:

Nizhnevartovsk State University


628600, Россия, г. Нижневартовск, ул. Ленина, д. 56, e-mail: asil-06@list.ru

Key words:

multicultural education; education; educational process in university; intercultural interaction; cultural diversity; dialogue of cultures