Ye.V. Abramenko



The article arguesin favor of the formation of communicative competence in students of technical universities. In the competitive struggle for jobs, the candidate who hasthe skills of business communicationskills, professional self-presentation,and confident self-control, wins. Consequently, it is an important task of any technical university to form communicative competence in students while teaching humanities. This study treats communicative competenceas an indispensable skill and, therefore, holds the problem of teaching it urgent. Communicative competence is considered as the ability to effectively interact in a work team, to take into account personal psycho-logical traits and cultural background of the partner in communication, to use business etiquette, conflict manage-ment and fruitful interaction in the framework of cooperation. The development of all these skills is placed into the educational process of technical universities as communicative competence is required by in the Federal State Edu-cational Standard of Higher Education. The participants of this communicative competencestudy wereemploying companies fromVolgograd, Russia (AlterStroy LLC, Alternativa LLC, Elast Plus LLC, PartnerService LLC, Artemis Don LLC, Etalon MK LLC, Beton LLC, Business ResheniyeLLC) and senior students of the Volgograd State Technical University. The total number of survey participants was 109. Master's Degree students of the Volgograd State Technical University V.Bondareva and I.Diulina developed and statistically processed the questionnaire. It was found that both the employers and the students consider the communicative skills, the ability to accurately and clearly express ideas, good manners, and the knowledge of verbal and non-verbal communication pave the path to success in the professional sphere.

About the autors:

Yelena Vyacheslavovna Abramenko, Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor at the Department of History, Culture and Sociology of the Faculty of Economics and Management

Place of employment:

Volgograd State Technical University


400005, Россия, г. Волгоград, пр. им. Ленина, 28; е-mail:

Key words:

communicative competence; professional training; student; supervisor; engineer; gaming using technology