R.R. Zakieva, Ye.N. Shirieva



Recent studies indicate that the color temperature of the light flux from light sources can affect some biological functions in humans. It can be hypothesized that light sources, such as LED lamps, which are now installed in the lighting systems of educational institutions, may in some way affect the acquisition of educational content by students in the learning process and the quality of educational services in general. The modern education provides for independent learning activities using personal computers with liquid crystal monitors, which can be categorized as LED-based light sources by the emitted light spectrum and the emitter operation principle. The emergence of new lighting technologies, which in some way may affect the performance of students, and our new experimental data in the field of innovative education were translated into the idea of a new teaching method. The article describes the possibilities for creating a teaching method that is based on a combination of the innovative concept of the learning model, using a light-color environment with a modified spectrum of shades of white, and computer assisted express testing of the retained knowledge. It is assumed that the introduction of energy-efficient light sources in educational institutions may create a unique light-color environment with the possibility of dynamic changes in light temperature and flux, which can take the learning process to a new level.

About the autors:

Rafina Rafkatovna Zakieva1, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor at the Department of Industrial Electronics and Lighting Engineering; Yelena Nikolaevna Shirieva2, Category 1 Teacher

Place of employment:

Kazan State Power Engineering University1; Municipal Autonomous Institution of General Education «Gymnasium No. 139», Kazan


420066, Россия, г. Казань, ул. Красносельская, 51; тел.: (843)519-42-79, e-mail: rafina@bk.ru; 2420139, Россия, г. Казань, ул. Сафиуллина, 56А, тел.: (843)268-18-50, e-mail: Shen_@list.ru

Key words:

learning process; light-color environment; color temperature; learning performance; learning technology; educational method; acquisition of educational content