O.A. Ivanova https://doi.org/10.36906/2311-4444/19-4/01



The article addresses the problem of the formation of media culture skills inengineering students who studyin secondary vocational education programs. The problem is considered in the context of forming a media-cultural personal space, which determines the future professional activity and interaction of a professional in a media-cultural environment, mediating the successful functioning of a subject in the ‘state-society-industry’system of relations. The localization of this issue is determined by the need to identify the features of the formation of media culture skills, while the specifics of maturity of such skills would cover a range of a single media culture space, in-cluding the timely processing, use, and handling of information that affects the level of formation of an individual’s media culture. The article emphasizes the importance of media culture skills for engineering students enrolled in secondary vocational education programs. The future technical professionals are considered as subjects (as well as cultural subjects), whose professional activity is regulated by the principles of technical rationality and whose me-dia-cultural level mediates the effectiveness of the society-industryrelations within the ‘state-society-industry’ sys-tem of relations. The study used methods of historical and cross-cultural analysis, systematization and classification. The specific features of the media-cultural space in modern realityare revealed. The studysubstantiates the need for the formation of media culture skills as factors for improving the mediacultureawareness of a modern professional as the carrier of individual consciousness. The main groups of features characterizing the classification set of media culture skills are identified and described.

About the autors:

Olga Anatolyevna Ivanova, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor at the Department of Pedagogical Technologies of Continuing Education

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Moscow City University


129226, Россия, г. Москва, 2-й Сельскохозяйственный проезд, д. 4, каб. 201; тел.: 8(926)225-36-55; e-mail: Ivanova_msc@mail.ru

Key words:

secondary vocational education; engineering students; media culture skills; individual consciousness; collective consciousness; media culture phenomenon