Soykin A.A.



The paper is devoted to one of the most interesting problems in the modern historical science; it analyzes the crash of transatlantic liner “Lusitania” and the reaction of the US printed press towards it in 1915. The importance is increased by the fact that periodicals, being considerable historical sources, are able to introduce new data on the liner wreck with a help of interpolation, as well as to determine the American society’s attitude to this tragic event. As a result, the paper’s subject is the American printed press of 1915 as a source of information about particular events of the World War I. The study analyzes the US periodicals of 1915, such as The New York Times; The New York Herald; The Brooklyn Daily Eagle; The Evening Telegram-New York. The given items are published on the Library of the US Congress’s official website and contain information about the Americansociety’s attitude towards the wreck of Lusitania. The author carried out research using the US newspapers with a help of general scientific research methods, such as: description, analysis, comparative method. We also used special methods of historical research: the historical-comparative method and the cultural-semiotic approach. The given work came to conclusion that the wreck of Lusitania was actively discussed in the USA in 1915. The focus was on the following facts: the number of people killed, the causes of the crush, the American government’s attitude to this tragedy etc. The results of the study allow us to reveal the USA press’s attitude towards Lusitania wreck.

About the autors:

Alexey Alexandrovich Soykin, Assistance Lecturer at the Department for Documentation Studies and General History

Place of employment:

Nizhnevartovsk State University



Key words:

United States of America; World War I; press;