Kozlova D.A.



This article is an attempt to analyse the collaboration between the Labour and the Scottish nationalists in the context of the formation of the modern British political agenda. The participants of the British political space, being concerned about the questions of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, inevitably face a number of challenges, and the problem of their internal interaction remains one of the most significant. Opposition parties are at an impasse: the Brexit negotiations seem as good as paralysed. The Prime Minister is being put in a very difficult position: a motion of no confidence in December, the failure of her proposals for the Brexit deal in January. The ruling conservative party itself is deeply divided. Every now and then there are some calls for a second United Kingdom European Union membership referendum. And in that event, to which extent is the opposotion coalition possible – the Labor Party and the Scottish nationalists? And if so, what are its future prospects?

About the autors:

Diana Anatolyevna Kozlova, Candidat of Historical Sciences, senior lecturer

Place of employment:

Higher School of Business of the Southern Federal University


e-mail: dakozlova@sfedu.ru

Key words:

Scottish national party; Labour party; Nicola Sturgeon; Jeremy Corbyn; Brexit; referendum; European Union