Grinko L.K., Pavlova I.V.



The article is devoted to the issues of designing a training programme for girls of a college age with the aim of improving strength endurance of all muscle groups involved in the “push-ups”, due to the standards of the GTO (“Ready for Labor and Defense”) programme, a national Russian sports and fitness system. The training programme is based on a non-conventional system of physical exercises – yoga. The basis of the methodology is compiled of gymnastic exercises (asanas) from different yoga schools (Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Iyen-gar Yoga), combined into sets. When building sets of exercises, the authors of the methodology considered general principles of yoga classes, paying particular attention to the technique of doing the exercises and working on the students' state-of-mind attitude. The programme is primarily aimed at female students who are not able to perform a single “push-up” exercise and is designed in such a way that as a result of performing a set of exercises students can master both the way to improve the state of necessary muscle groups and the technique of correct exercising and then perform “push-ups” at least a few times. Testing the methodology was carried out in the experimental group of female university students, where at the initial stage, 68% of girls were not able to perform a single control exercise. The results obtained from the pedagogical experiment allowed the authors to draw a conclusion about the effectiveness of the technique. The article is addressed primarily to physical education teachers, HEI students and school girls

About the autors:

Lyudmila Konstantinovna Grinko1, undergraduate; Irina Vladimirovna Pavlova2, Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor for the Department of Physical Education and Sport

Place of employment:

Siberian State University of Physical Education and Sports (1); Omsk State Transport University (2)


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Key words:

yoga; GTO (Ready for Labor and Defense) programme; student; physical training