Mishina S.V.



The research subject is building professionally significant qualities of Bachelors of Economics. The aim of the work is to show the possibilities of the project’s management in building professionally significant qualities of Bachelors of Economics. The novelty of the research is conditioned by rapid changes at today’s labor market within digital economy, which makes HEIs to respond actively through training highly marketable professionals. The article contains a description of the project aimed to solve the problem. The article presents the matrix of professionally significant qualities. The matrix base is made up of qualities-relations, individual and personal qualities, special abilities and qualities, social and personal qualities. The contents of these clusters correlate with soft skills, accumulating the requirements of digital economy, which is manifested in the articulation of critical thinking, teamwork skills, client focus, etc. On implementating the project, the goal was achieved by following a particular system mechanism – a hidden curriculum, that is a curriculum superstructure. To implement the project there were used technologies of portfolio and individual trajectory of the student’s professional development as mechanisms of control and self-control. Diagnostic tests proved the effectiveness of the project. Diagnostics revealed a great dynamics in professional skills and socially and individually significant abilities and qualities. As post-project activi-ties, it is planned to dessiminate the practice for implementing bachelor’s programmes in Management, Human Resource Management, Trading, State and Municipal Management

About the autors:

Svetlana Viktorovna Mishina, PhD Applicant at the Department of Pedagogy and Educational Technology, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Accounting and Auditing

Place of employment:

Bunin Yelets State University


e-mail: dmkornienko@mail.ru

Key words:

higher education; professionally significant qualities; project management; hidden curriculum