Len A.A., Strebkova I.N.



This article describes the concept of «military academy cadets’ responsible attitude to future professional activities» and explains the phenomenon of cadets’ passionarity and passionate attitude to a professional activity. The professional orientation is considered as a result of the professional self-identification of a military man, giving him a positive or negative attitude towards the profession of an officer. It reveals the main factors and conditions for developing value-based, informational, cognitive and behavioral aspects of a responsible attitude towards future professional activities of military higher education institution cadets. The description of the factors and conditions needed for creating a responsible attitude towards future professional activities and the developed ideological world as a component of passionarity among cadets of military universities is accompanied by an interpretation of the modern military education “humanization” concept. The article gives brief relevance analysis of the process of forming a responsible and passionate attitude towards future professional activity among cadets of military universities. The authors make an attempt to study the possibilities of humanitarian disciplines in organizing a special educational environment for its effectiveness. The study reveals the characteristics of game-based technologies that give an impulse to students’ cognitive activity and individualization of the learning process. The research points out the possibilities of integrating pedagogical technologies, ensuring successful learning through cognitive activity of cadets and the formation of their responsible and passionate attitude towards professional activity in the future

About the autors:

Angela Aleksandrovna Len (1), Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Moral and Psychological Support (Aviation Operations), Corresponding Member of the ITTAS (International Teacher’s Training Academy of Science); Irina Nikolaevna Strebkova (2), Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Lecturer of the Department of Moral and Psychological Support (Aviation Operations)

Place of employment:

Air Force Military Educational and Scientific Center 'Zhukovsky – Gagarin Air Force Academy' (1,2)


e-mail: аngelaplatonova@mail.ru (1); e-mail: strebkovair@mail.ru (2)

Key words:

higher military education; humanization of military education; professional activity; developing responsible and passionate attitude to professional activities; passionarity; ideological awareness; ideology; ideological world; game-based technologies; educational technologies integration; factors and conditions for the formation of a responsible attitude towards future professional activities