Kamenev R.V., Krasheninnikov V.V., Trotskaya A.I.



The subject of the research is media education as a factor that has caused changes in the system of education in general and in professional training of teachers in particular. The object of the research is teachers’ professional training. The aim of the work is to consider the transformed meanings of the concept “media education” and to show the role and goals of media education for the modern education system, as well as changes in quality requirements for training teachers who work in the field of media education. It is shown how media teaching-learning model has transformed, with the example of media libraries which has been developing modern educational media space. There is an updated assessment of the quality of information that children use not only within the school information space, but also from mass media, the Internet, etc., which makes skills for analyzing media texts a crucial condition for keeping safe the national human capital and culture and educating highly marketable specialists. There is analysis of differences in understanding the term “media literacy”, which entail further misunderstand-ing of the concept “media competence”. There is a dispute on the necessity to define the media competences for mere users and for educators. The authors conclude that the results of reviewing requirements for teachers’ professional training, caused by changes in educational environment through incorporating media in teaching-learning, make it necessary to refresh the process of training, to strengthen its technological component, to intensify language and communicative aspects regardless of specialization

About the autors:

Roman Vladimirovich Kamenev (1), Candidate of Pedagogical Ssciences, Dean of the Faculty for Technology and Enterpreneurship; Valerij Vasil'evich Krasheninnikov (2), Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Professor of the Department for Science of Mechanics; Alla Ivanovna Trotskaya (3), Candidate of Pedagogical Ssciences, Associate Professor of the Department for Pedagogy and Psychology of Higher Education

Place of employment:

Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University (1,2,3)


e-mail: romank54.55@gmail.com (1); e-mail: vkrash48@mail.ru (2); e-mail: trockayaftip@yandex.ru (3)

Key words:

media education, media literacy, media competency, requirements for teachers’ professional training, media sphere of education