Ivanova O.A. , Antonov N.V.



The rapid changes of the modern world, their strength, scale, dynamism and variability are essential characteristics of contemporary reality. They relate to all spheres of human activity and, thus, determine the need for changes in education, as well as understanding the current system of training and professional development of teaching staff. In the context of life-long learning, teachers’ further education and professional development become crucial for their career. The intra-school system of professional development is based on the potential of the teaching staff, resources of the educational organization, unique characteristics of the counterparts and the society’s potential. It is flexible, mobile, quickly responding to the needs and demands of the society and is able to take into account the distinctive features and conditions of a modern educational organization. Modern educational organizations are able to educate school teaching staff with due regard to their professional experience and needs of the educational organization and the society. This article presents the results of the research of teachers’ professional development at their workplace. The au-thors consider various approaches to the issues of teachers’ professional development, identify components, criteria and indicators of professional development, justify the possibilities and stages of social and pedagogical planning as the basis for the professional development of teachers and describe the model for designing an individual trajectory of teachers’ professional development at the place of employment

About the autors:

Olga Anatolievna Ivanova (1), Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Professor of the Department for Professional Development of Educators; Nikolai Antonov (2), Deputy Director of the City Resource Center of the Moscow Department for Education

Place of employment:

Moscow City Pedagogical University (1); City Resource Center of Moscow Department for Education (2)


е-mail: Ivanova_msc@mail.ru (1); е-mail: Antonovnv80@mail.ru (2)

Key words:

professional development; educational organization; social and pedagogical planning; individual educational plan of professional development; conditions for professional development