Ezhukova I.F.



The issues of career planning and building up, employment and graduates’ adaptation remain relevant and require new approaches to solving the problems of professional identity and formation in the modern world of labour and occupations. The graduates have difficulties in searching for a suitable job in their degree field mostly due to the lack of work experience. On the other hand, young people have great potential. They are quick to study, mobile; able to adapt to new situations and sensible in their approach to labour supplies. The task of a career advisor is to help young people to professionally identify themselves and acquaint them with modern theories of career building and employer requirements. The percent of employed graduates is established on the basis of statistical research and data processing. These are the data obtained in the course of graduates’ career monitoring. The main method of collecting data to study graduates’ employment is the method of dynamic and comparative monitoring. The subject of the research is the data obtained in the course of monitoring analysis. The purpose of the paper is to introduce the experience in devel-oping student job-hunting skills, business career development and management in Nizhnevartovsk State University. The author introduces a modern vision of professional identity process based on psychological and sociological theories. The paper is grounded on the graduate employment studies and provides recommendations, forms and methods of interaction with students to assist successful graduate employment in their degree field

About the autors:

Irina Fedorovna Ezhukova, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department for Commerce and Management, Head of the Department of the Supplementary Education, Head of the Division for Development and Commercial Education Services

Place of employment:

Nizhnevartovsk State University


e-mail: kariera@nvsu.ru

Key words:

career; professional identity; graduates’ employment; monitoring; labour market