Abramova M., Liberska H.



The subject of the research is the principle of cultural conformity. The object of the research is education in general and professional teacher training in particular. The aim of the research is to reveal the multidimensional understanding of the cultural conformity principle and its applying in the modern education system. The cultural conformity principle is analyzed in the research in terms of functional, social, cultural and sys-tem approaches. From the functional perspective, this principle is treated as the method to eliminate cross-cultural barriers and resolve cognitive issues. Social and cultural approach highlighted the importance of cultural conformity principle, its cultural, social and personal characteristics when laying the groundwork for harmonious collaboration. The research has made it possible to build a systematic typology of goal-setting and definition of the objectives for teachers to apply this method in learning. The system approach focuses on presenting education as a social institu-tion, a part of the transformative processes. Post evaluation allowed to illustrate the education goals transformation, that influenced educational para-digms, and, consequently, led to the transformation of teachers’ values system. These changes are exemplified through the European research supervised by S. Shwarz. Social, cultural and system approaches brought to light the potential of cultural conformity principle and its ability to eliminate negative influences of institutional changes on the society in general and on the education system in particular. The cultural conformity principle interpretation analysis made on the basis of functional, social, cultural and system approaches, revealed the differences in the treatment of the concept itself, discriminated its application as a didactic principle and expanded its understanding.

About the autors:

Maria Alekseevna Abramova (1), Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Department for Social and Law Research, Institute of Philosophy and Law of the Siberian Branch of the RAS (Russian Academy of Sciences); Hanna Liberska (2), Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department for Social Psy-chology and Youth Studies, Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, Bydgosh University n.a. Casimir III the Great

Place of employment:

Institute of Philosophy and Law, the Siberian Branch of the RAS (1); Bydgoszcz University n.a. Casimir III the Great (2)


e-mail: marika24@yandex.ru (1); e-mail: liberska@ukw.edu.pl

Key words:

cultural conformity principle; social communication; values; cognitive processes; interiorization; social and cultural approach in education; teacher training