Savelyeva A.V., Soykin A.A.



This article considers the submarine warfare of Kaiser Germany in 1914–1918. Special attention is paid to the change of opinions among the American public and the US government regarding the activity of the German submarine fleet. The study is based on the materials from the Digital Collections of the Library of the American Congress. These include the speeches by the American President W. Wilson and statesmen, as well as the American press. The doc-uments provide an opportunity to look holistically at the submarine warfare of Kaiser Germany in 1914–1918 and trace the transformation of attitudes to it in the United States. The authors paid special attention to the analysis of Russian and foreign research on the issue. The results of the study make it possible to reconstruct certain aspects of the First World War, to define the atti-tude of the United States towards the activities of the submarine fleet of the German Empire during the First World War, as well as to determine the prospects for further research

About the autors:

Alyona Vladimirovna Savelyeva (1), Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor at the Department of Document Science and General History; Aleksey Aleksandrovich Soykin (2), Assistant at the Department of Document Science and General History

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Nizhnevartovsk State University


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Key words:

The First World War; United States of America; Woodrow Wilson; Kaiser Germany; submarine; “Lusitania”