Stozhko D.K., Stozhko K.P.

ON THE CONSTRUCTION OF MARKET ECONOMY IN RUSSIA (To the 130th Anniversary of the Birth of N.I. Bukharin)


The purpose of the study is to identify and analyse alternative scenarios of the socio-economic development in the history of Russia, one of which was N.I. Bukharin’s project to build a market economy. In the context of the ongoing for many years debate about the possibility of building “market socialism” in our country, the authors compared the revolutionary and evolutionary approaches to the building of market economy. Arising just by the beginning of the 20th century the “soft” development scenario by N.I. Bukharin and the “tough” scenario of social-ism building by L.D. Trotsky were two fundamentally different political and economic approaches to the question of the country’s fate and its future. The article identifies the strengths and weaknesses of both scenarios in the context of the time, taking into account the socio-economic and socio-political situation of those years. What is also highlighted is N.I. Bukharin’s complex and strategic approach to the issues of building market socialism, planned management of the national economy and the development of various forms of ownership (labor, cooperative, etc.) while maintaining the leading role of the state’s ownership of productive assets. The study resulted in the historical-retrospective reconstruction of the scenario based on scientific works by N.I. Bukharin and his speeches. This scenario included the implementation of technical and cultural revolution, the development of entrepreneurship, cooperation, trade and other forms of market economy, the vivid evidence of which was the “new economic policy” (1921–1929). The article assesses possible consequences for Russia if this project had been completed and gives examples of the implementation of evolutionary scenarios, most related to the project by N.I. Bukharin, for the building of socially oriented market economy in other countries

About the autors:

Dmitriy Konstantinovich Stozhko (1), Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor at the Department of History and Philosophy; Konstantin Petrovich Stozhko (2), Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Economics and Organization of Enterprises

Place of employment:

Ural State Economic University (1); Ural State Agrarian University (2)


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Key words:

ideology; technical revolution; Cultural Revolution; «military communism»; «new economic policy»