Shayhutdinova A. A., Nemtseva N. V.

Hydrobiological characteristics of landscape and botanical natural monument


The article presents the hydrographic and hydrological characteristics of the river Tuzlukkol, located in the land-scape and botanical natural monument "Tuzlukkol". The river is characterised by the gradient of salinity and dynamics of hydrological and hydrochemical behaviour. For the first time data were obtained on the taxonomic composition of macrozoobenthos fauna on the territory of the landscape and botanical natural monument "Tuzlukkol". The fauna of macrozoobenthos in the study area is represented by 22 species of invertebrates. Larvae of amphibiotic insects are the most diverse, e.g. Diptera (15 species), mayflies (2 species), beetles (1 species), bedbugs (2 species), crustaceans (2 species). The order Diptera is characterized by the predominance of family Chironomidae species, which is typical for saline and brackish habitats. Crustacean larvae belong to Amphipoda and Branchiopoda families. Gammarus lacustris Sars are common on rocks while larvae of Artemia salina live in muddy soil. Larvae of mayflies are represented by Caenidae and Baetidae families. Larvae of bedbugs belong to Corixidae family. Beetles belong to Hydraenidae family. Specific conditions are preserved in the saline reservoirs of arid zones for euryhaline bottom communities to develop.

About the autors:

Anastasiya Anatolyevna Shaikhutdinova (1), Candidate of Technical Sciences, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Ecology and Nature Management; Natalia Vyacheslavovna Nemtseva (2), Doctor of Medicine, Professor, Head of the Laboratory of Aquatic Microbiology

Place of employment:

Institute of cellular and intracellular symbiosis, UB RAS (1,2)


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Key words:

macrozoobenthos; landscape and botanical nature monument; Orenburg oblast; specially protected natural reservation;