Rogozin M. V.

Pine growth as conditioned by distances to neighboring trees


A study of Рinus sylvestris L. with unchanged structure aged 180 years has been conducted in the Perm Urban Forestry. The results were as follows: average height of trees is 32 m, average diameter is 39.8 cm, basal area is 42 m2/ha, stand density is 0.94, growing stock is 560 m3/ha. After total mapping of trees in the area of 1.1 hectares, the ArcGIS program was used to determine the distances of each pine to its neighbouring trees. Then on the electronic map, 280 distances were determined from the living and 180 distances from the fallen trees to their close neighbours. For 120-year-old trees these distances had limits of 23-745 cm (on average 277 cm), while for 180-year-old ones the limits were between 84-745 cm (on average 315 cm). It appears that the distance to the close neighbour has little effect on the diameter of the neighboring trees at r = 0.148 ± 0.063. Furthermore, the influence of this distance on their average diameter is only 4%. The distance of 170-440 cm to the close neighbour was deter-mined as most favourable. This distance is recommended for forest care and pine growing.

About the autors:

Mikhail Vladimirovich Rogozin, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor at the Department of Botany and Plant Genetics

Place of employment:

Perm State National Research University



Key words:

Scots pine; the distance between the trees; close neighbors