Koba V. P. , Papelbu V. V. , Sakhno T. M.

State and dendrometric features of the young plants of Arbutus andrachne L. of Cape Martiyan Reserve


Research on living conditions and dendrometric features of A. andrachne on Cape Martiyan has been conducted. It has been shown that 10-year-old species prevail in the age range of A. andrachne young plants. The proportion of older age groups in the ecotopes of the reserve is reducing more evenly in comparison with its buffer zone. The increase of precipitation during winter-spring period enhances the possibilities of seed renewing. Under improved growth conditions the development of certain groups of seed renewing can be observed, the allocation of these groups is connected with the ecotopes similar in their edaphic, orographic and microclimatic indexes. In natural populations of A. andrachne the elimination of individuals with low viability happens in the early stages of onto-genesis. The limitation of possibilities for successful development of A. andrachne young plants is to a larger extent determined by the negative environmental factors connected with poorly organized recreational activities.

About the autors:

Vladimir Petrovich Koba (1), Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Head of the Laboratory of Forest Science; Vladimir Vladimirovich Papelbu (2), Research Fellow at the Laboratory of Forest Science; Tatiana Mikhailovna Sakhno (3), Junior Researcher at the Laboratory of Forest Science

Place of employment:

Federal State Budgetary Institution of Science «Nikitsky Botanical Garden - National Science Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences» (1,2,3)


е-mail: sahno_tanya@mail.ru (3)

Key words:

A. andrachne, ontogenesis, seed renewing, living condition, age ranges, localisation