Sheveleva I. N. , Safonova Z. B.



Social conditions and modern lifestyle have a negative impact on students’ health in general and reproductive health in particular. In this regard of great importance is the preventive measures complex used not only by doctors, but by «Physical Education» teachers as well. At the same time that is possible only if they have proficient knowledge in physiology, psychology and the theory and technique of physical education in regard to the maintenance and improvement of reproductive health today and in the future. It is clear that the preventive measures for female students within the framework of Physical Education training programme are of crucial importance because the development of vital motor skills and abilities comes to an end by their graduation. There is a persistent necessity for physical exercises which would contribute to the maintenance of job/work performance and health improvement for many years. The authors’ more than 10-year experience in scientific research and practice with female students in order to identify the factors contributing to the deterioration in reproductive health has led to the development of a screening system for the assessment of reproductive health in physical education. In the course of work, not only screening of reproductive health but also traditional methods of studying fitness and morphofunctional parameters of female students were undertaken. The results obtained by the modified screening system give teachers objective information about reproductive health problems and contribute to the search for the means of physical education focused on the reproductive health maintenance and improvement.

About the autors:

Irina Nikolaevna Shevelevа (1), Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor at the Department of Physical Education and Sport; Zhanna Borisovna Safonova (2), Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor at the Department of Physical Education and Sport

Place of employment:

Omsk State Technical University (1,2)


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Key words:

screening; prevention; reproductive health; students; educational process; physical education