Semenova Y. V. , Nalobina A. N.



Inclusive physical education is for people with persistence in health limitations, that is a disability and it is very important for the future teacher of physical culture to have full information about the life mundanity of this target group. The goal of physical education of university students, including those with disabilities, is the formation of the person's physical culture as well as the ability to use various means of physical culture, sports and tourism for psychophysical preparation and self-training for future professional activity. This is due to various possibilities of the physical state, including the general development, morphofunctional and mental data of each disabled student, based on their congenital or acquired pathology and is possible only if the understanding of the above aspects is deepened in the future specialists professional activity. The urgency of inclusive physical education is undoubtful because by the completion of study the future teacher should clearly understand the problems of this target group as well as be able to consciously bring their own experience to use modern technologies for efficient work. The preliminary questionnaire survey carried out among the 1st -4th year students of Siberian state University of physical culture and sports majoring in «Physical culture for people with disabilities» made it possible to identify the interest for the future profession, the importance of inclusive physical education and difficulties in coping with the teaching material. The obtained results provide objective information about the need to increase both the theoret-ical and practical sections in inclusive physical education.

About the autors:

Yuliya Valeryevna Semenova1, postgraduate student at the Department of Physical Education and Sports of Omsk State Technical University; Senior Lecturer at the Department of Physical Education and Sports; Anna Nikolaevna Nalobina2, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Theory and Methods of Adaptive Physical Education

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Omck State Technical University (1), Siberian State University of Physical Culture and Sport (2)


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Key words:

inclusive education; disabled student; teacher; physical culture; professional activity