Pashchenko L. G.



This article presents a comparative analysis of the demonstration of motivation for physical training and sports, which characterizes attitude to the competitive activity of primary school age children who attend day care summer camps of various types, e.g. leisure, creative, sports or intellectual. 102 schoolchildren aged 9-11(67 girls and 35 boys) took part in the study. The following methods were used: analysis and review of scientific and methodological literature, analysis of children's recreation programs, questionnaires and methods of mathematical statistics. The results of the research indicated that the environment created in the conditions of temporary children's asso-ciations is able to influence demonstration of motivation for competitiveness and dominance in physical culture and sports activities. The highest manifestation of such motives was identified in girls who attended the camp that implemented the «Street Games» program. This program involved the development of a variety of playing techniques. Same degree of motivation was demonstrated by the young athlete-girls who attended the sports and health camp. A low level of the manifestation of the motive for competitiveness was found in girls and boys who chose a day care summer camp of leisure type. The obtained results should be taken into account when developing programs for children's recreation in the conditions of a summer camp and when including competitive events in daily schedule; when using special methods to increase the competitive activity of children in physical and sports activities. When developing a camp program, it is necessary to provide a possibility for all children to participate in sports competitions and the creation of conditions for competing not only in open struggle but with oneself as well.

About the autors:

Lena Grigorevna Pashchenko, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor at the Department of Physical Training Theory

Place of employment:

Nizhnevartovsk State University



Key words:

motives; domination; competition; self improvement; physical culture and sports activities; younger schoolchildren; summer camp