Matveeva A. A. , Ivantsova E. A.



The article presents the results of interactive technologies application in classical higher education of specialist-environmentalists. The scientific interest in this topic relates to the role of active learning methods in the formation of environmentally aware person. This article examines the experience of both classroom and extracurricular activities at the Department of Ecology and Nature Management in Volgograd State University. The specificity of the application of interactive methods in mastering major disciplines was determined and their effectiveness compared to the traditional forms of training courses was proven. The article reflects the results of the study to as-sess the development of effectiveness of the used interactive technologies in the educational process. The use of such technologies holds a leading position not only within the university environment but is particularly important for the implementation of socially significant environmental projects in the real world. The article reflects the results of many years of educational experience in the implementation of interactive technologies in extracurricular work. The experience of a specific student ecological community is shown. Its principal activities include not only the organization of environmental events for students but popularization of ecological awareness as well. This activity is aimed at involving different target groups. The authors justify the need for an integrated approach to the practical application of interactive technologies in the training process of future environmental professionals. The article describes the key moments in the formation of environmentally-oriented identity which are important not only for introducing interactive teaching methods in the educational process but in the extracurricular work organized by the academic staff as well.

About the autors:

Anna Aleksandrovna Matveeva (1), Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor at the Department of Ecology and Environmental Management; Elena Anatolyevna Ivantsova (2), Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor at the Department of Ecology and Environmental Management

Place of employment:

Volgograd State University (1,2)


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Key words:

active teaching methods; interactive technologies; system of higher education; environmental education; environmentally-oriented person; region; Volgograd State University