Krasheninnikov V.V. , Podgorecki Jozef



The subject of the research is social communications in educational activities. The focus of the study is the training process of teachers of vocational education. The purpose of the work is to show the possibility and necessity of social communication in the training of teachers and in their professional activities. The paper discusses the concept and role of social communication in educational activities. It is noted that in education and other spheres of activity there is an increase in the processes of disintegration, a decrease in the quality of interpersonal social rela-tions and the emergence of problems of communication at the social and professional levels. However, the study of social communication issues is an essential element that facilitates understanding of modern social life and the de-velopment of interpersonal relations. The role and application of social communication are shown in the complex of disciplines of humanitarian and vocational training. The article presents some features of social communication application with the use of modern pedagogical technologies in the educational process, through the example of project-based learning. The analysis is given of the activity stages in which social communication is essential. It is shown that of great importance is the ability to find, analyze, process and summarize information, that is to identify correctly the point of the message, to set the accents and priorities and to present the result of the study accordingly. The article describes the result of the study of social communication as a discipline in Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University, showing a positive impact of this discipline on the quality of masters of pedagogical education training.

About the autors:

Valery Vasilevich Krasheninnikov (1), Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor at the Departament of Machine Science; Jozef Podgorecki (2), Doctor of Philosophy, Full Professor at the Centre for Social Communication Studies

Place of employment:

Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University (1), Opole University (2)


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Key words:

social communication; professional education; project activity