Kovalevskaya E. V. , Kolesnik L. I.



The aim of the article is to identify the grounds for the integration of problem-based and learner-centered approaches in professional education on the basis of the comparative analysis of their main organizing principles, which were presented in works by M.I. Makhmutov and I.A.Zimnyaya. The article deals with such issues as the definition of the notion «integration of approaches» in professional education; analysis of main principles of problem-based and learner-centered approaches; identification of the grounds for integration of these approaches into professional education by correlation of their basic principles. Problem-based approach is aimed at the development of creative thinking, creative interpersonal relations and creative personality in the process of joint creative work to put and solve problems in the social and professional fields on different levels of problematicity. Learner-centered approach is aimed at the development of a personality in an active process while solving a hierarchy of educational problems. The integration of problem-based and learner-centered approaches is defined in the article as a process, which results in the combination of these approaches on the basis of correlation of their foundational principles. In this regard, an «approach» is viewed as an educational strategy for the development of the personality of a student as a future specialist on the basis of the above mentioned approaches. According to the authors the following principles are basic, i.e. motivation, goal-setting, consciousness, problemacity, binarity, that is subject-subject relations between a teacher and a student. It should be noted that both in problem-based and learner-centered approaches, problemacity is considered as a common notion along with such notions as a problem situation, a problem task, a problem, problematisation.

About the autors:

Elena Vitalevna Kovalevskaya (1), Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor at the Department of Foreign Languages; Lyudmila Ivanovna Kolesnik (2), Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor at the Department of Foreign Languages

Place of employment:

Nizhnevartovsk State University (1,2)


e-mail: ludm_kolesn@rambler.ru (1)

Key words:

approach; problem-based approach; learner-centered approach; grounds for the integration of approaches in professional education