Zaytseva I. V.

Intellectual life of Alexandria (case study of the museion of Alexandria)


The purpose of the article is to analise the impact of the intellectual atmosphere of the Alexandrian museion on the intellectual life of the Alexandrian society. The subject of the research is the Alexandrian museion as a traditional form of museumification inherent in the classical Hellenistic culture. The methodological basis of the article were the general scientific methods such as analysis and synthesis, which allowed to integrate the traditions of Russian and international researchers on the issue. Such methods as the comparative historical method, method of systems analysis, the structural-diachronic method, statistical method, hermeneutical method and historical description were used. Currently there are plenty of scientific works dedicated to the largest educational center, i.e. the Alexandrian school, which is nor the case of Alexandrian museion. Some fragmentary information about the pundits whose practice took place in the Museion can be found in the works of Strabo, Diodorus Siculus and Diogenes Laertius. Description of certain aspects of the Museion development can be found in the works of such Russian researchers as A. A. Bondarenko and V. P. Porshnev. The general cultural analysis of the Alexandria life development can be checked in the works of the following foreign researchers: Harnack A., Kingsley C., Macleod R. M. and Par-sons E. D. The article determines that the stages of the Alexandrian museion development were connected with the sociopolitical, cultural and religious changes typical for the Roman Empire in different historical periods. It was the Alexandrian museion that became an intellectual center which formed the cultural dimension of the city. This intellectual center represented the implemented idea of classical antiquity to put together the material and cultural values so that they could effectively influence the Alexandria society.

About the autors:

Irina Valer'evna Zaytseva, Сandidate of Historical sciences, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Humanities and Socio-Economic disciplines

Place of employment:

Belgorod Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia named after I. D. Putilin



Key words:

Alexandria; the Roman Empire; Egypt; Alexandrian museion; Alexandrian library; Serapeum