Tsenyuga I. N. Tsenyuga S. N.

League «education» and its impact on the growth of social consciousness of the provincial intelligentsia (on materials of the Yenisei province)


The article is devoted to the history of the establishment and development of a non-governmental organisation the «League of Education» with the purpose of celebrating its 100th anniversary. It was necessary not only to analyze the main areas of the organizational practice but also to compare its goals and objectives with the current «League of Education» which was founded in 2006. Therefore, the main tasks of this article were determined as follows: to identify the main national and regional socio-economical and socio-cultural factors and conditions that influenced the formation of the «League of Education»; to describe the socio-political composition of the governing bodies; to determine the directions and nature of work with the view of using this historical experience in the current conditions. The following principles were used in the research: historicism, systematic approach and objectivity. Attempts were made to reconstruct the activities of non-governmental organisations in the sphere of propaganda and development of mass public education in provincial towns. After reviewing the database and following the analysis of scientific literature which explicitly or implicitly depicts the role of the «League of Education», the necessity of reflexion on the historical heritage becomes reasonable. Comprehension of the historical heritage is essential to study the phenomena of civil initiatives of outstanding scholars, educators and representatives of political organisations of both the Central Russia and provinces, the Yenisei province in particular. The revival of the League of Education in the first quarter of the 21st century became possible due to the cooperation of the leading scientific institutions, universities and school leaders. Its aim is the formation of analytical skills, forecasting and modeling of citizens’ personal demands for education and comfortable educational environment, capable to change general attitude towards education.

About the autors:

Irina Nikolaevna Tsenyuga (1), Candidate of historical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of Department of Russian History; Sergei Nikolaevich Tsenyuga (2), Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Pedagogy

Place of employment:

Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University by V. P. Astafiev (1,2)


e-mail: irina.tsenyuga@yandex.ru (1); serzen1958@yandex.ru (2)

Key words:

League of Education; national education; civic initiatives; provincial intelligentsia; the Yenisei province