Maksimov A. P., Khromov A. F.

Results and prospects of introduction of bamboos (Bambusa Schreb) at the southern coast of the Crimea


The studies on the biology and ecology of bamboos (Bambusa Schreb.) are timely and will allow scientists to develop theoretical foundations for their introduction and selection in the south of Russia. Researches in this field are characterized by a scientific novelty and practical effect. The purpose of these studies is to sum up the results of bamboo introduction in Nikitsky Botanical Garden (NBG) and on the Southern Coast of the Crimea (SCC) as well and to introduce new species to enrich their collection. The study started in 1985 and was conducted according to the plan of scientific research works of the Department of Dendrology and Landscape Architecture of NBG “Bioecological foundations for introduction of monocot woody plants in the Crimea and the Caucasus”. The paper presents the results of bamboos (Bambusa Schreb.) introduction in the open field of Nikitsky Botanical Garden (NBG) arboretum. The taxonomic composition of the bamboo collection in NBG includes 6 species and 1 garden form, while 8 species and 1 garden form grow on the SCC, i.e. Japanese timber bamboo ‘Castillon’ (Phyllostachys bambusoides Sieb. et Zucc. var castillioni (Marliac) Mak., 1900), green-glaucous bamboo (Phyllostachys vi-ridiglaucescens (Carrière) Rivière & C.Rivière, 1878); black bamboo (Phyllostachys nigra (Lodd. Ex Lindl.) Mun-ro, 1868), golden bamboo (Phyllostachys aurea Rivière & C.Rivière, 1878), nude sheath bamboo (Phyllostachys nuda McClure, 1945); dwarf fernleaf bamboo (Pleioblastus distichus (Mitford) Nakai, 1932), medake (Pleioblastus simonii (Riv.) Nakai, 1925), Pleioblastus gramineus (Pleioblastus gramineus (Bean) Nakai, 1925) and arrow bamboo (Pseudosasa japonica (Sieb. et Zucc.) Mak., 1920). All above-mentioned species and garden forms belong to 3 genera Phyllostachys (Phyllostachys (Sieb. et Zucc.), Pleioblastus (Pleioblastus Nakai) and Pseudosasa (Pseudosasa Makion et Nakai). Their prospectivity for subarid conditions of the Southern Coast of the Crimea (SCC) has been shown. A prospect of collection enrichment with new species, varieties and garden forms of bamboos has been determined. The primary introduction test of was conducted on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus. There have been determined opportunities for collection enrichment with new species, varieties and garden forms of bamboos which have undergone the primary introduction test on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus.

About the autors:

Alexandr Pavlovich Maksimov (1), Candidate of Biological Sciences, Senior Researcher of the Dendrology laboratory; Alexandr Fedorovich Khromov (2), Candidate of Agricultural sciences, Senior scientist of the Dendrology laboratory.

Place of employment:

Federal State Budgetary Institution Of Science «Order of the Red Banner of Labor» Nikitsky Botanical Garden – National Scientific Centre of the Russian Academy of Science.(1, 2).


e-mail: (1), hromof-af (2).

Key words:

bamboos (Bambusa Schreb.), introduction, prospectivity, assortment, collection, Southern Coast of the Crimea, arboretum of Nikitsky Botanical Garden.