O. A. Melnikova, I. N. Sheveleva



The construction problem of the modern educational process based on health formation has exceptional importance for university because establishing harmonious connection between training and health provides high-quality and quantitative changes in creation of future competitive experts. Health saving process has to provide preservation and promotion of mental, physical, social and moral and spiritual health of students during their time at university. The article addresses monitoring of health records, students’ physical efficiency adaptation during a physical education learning process. In the course of the works research on knowledge evaluation of theoretical and methodic-practical material on physical education in the field of preservation and promotion of health has been undertaken; questioning of students on self-assessment of the state of health and physical activity; harmony of constitution assessment; dynamics of physical fitness; assessment of functional capacity of cardiovascular and respiratory systems; assessment of students psychological. This research was undertaken during the period from 2014 to 2016 with 300 students in different sports at physical education department at Omsk state technical university. The aim of the study: determination of selection correctness of means, methods and exercise stresses during training depending on sex, age, the state of health, the level of physical and sports fitness and also from the sports base, traditions of university and other conditions. The analysis of the indicators which were revealed as a result of pedagogical researches has allowed us to introduce necessary amendments in the health saving formation for improvement of the state of health; to increase physical activity, physical fitness and efficiency of students during training.

About the autors:

Oksana Anatolievna Melnikova (1), Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor at the Department of Physical Education and Sport; Irina Nikolaevna Shevelevа (2), Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor at the Department of Physical Education and Sport

Place of employment:

Omsk State Technical University (1,2)


e-mail: oksana.melnikova.67@mail.ru (1); e-mail: Irina.sheveleva.21.06@mail.ru (2)

Key words:

monitoring; adaptation; physical efficiency; health records; students; learning process; physical education