O. A. Melnikova, L. G. Kostikova



The problem of competitiveness has recently become especially urgent for young people and is a delayed result of education, since it is determined not so much by the current demand for and employment of a graduate as by his mobility in the labor market, the long success of his professional career. Modern society requires improving the quality of vocational education, a high level of professional training and needs competitive specialists that meet the requirements of professional standards. A special specificity is manifest-ed in this regard in the training of engineering personnel, since the activities of an engineer managing technologically complex processes require greater returns, considerable intellectual, moral and physical costs, a high level of pro-fessional culture formation. The article considers the problem of forming the competitiveness of a future specialist as one of the main prob-lems facing higher education institutions. Competitiveness of the student, his professional mobility should be en-sured by the high quality of the results of educational activity, the system integration of which ensures the formation of a mobile personality, a person free and responsible, capable of creative activity, ready for a large-scale realization of their potential opportunities. Considering the qualities of the personality, manifested in the physical culture and sports defining competitiveness, we proceeded from an understanding of the essence of competitiveness as one of the personality's ability to social, psychological and physical development. The purpose of our work is to determine the role of physical culture in the formation of professional competi-tiveness of future specialists of a technical university. The analysis of the scientific literature has shown that conceptual ideas on formation of professional competitiveness of students by means of physical culture in higher educational institutions have insufficient scientific substantiation. Many researchers are making attempts to identify ways and means to ensure the formation of competitiveness of the student's personality. In this regard, new approaches are needed in higher education for the formation of competitiveness of specialists in engineering specialties.

About the autors:

Oksana Anatoljevna Melnikova (1), Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Physical Education and Sports; Lidia Gennadievna Kostikova (2), post-graduate student, senior lecturer of the Department of Physical Education and Sports

Place of employment:

Omsk State Technical University (1,2)


e-mail: oksana.melnikova.67@mail.ru (1); е-mail: lida-krylova@yandex.ru (2)

Key words:

students; competitiveness; physical culture; physical exercises; sports; personal qualities; future specialist