V. N. Zuev, E. N. Osintsev



In this scientific research was made the brief theoretical and empirical analysis of the problem vector of the arbitrator's activity in mini-football competitions. Attention is paid to the psychological means and methods of work, based on the cognitive approach, which allows to explore ideas about the interaction of different actors of playing process. The object of research were to examine the elements of the structure of the personality of the arbi-trator that affect the success of judicial activity in the mini-football, to determine the dominant quality of the arbitrator's personality at every stage of professional development, as well as development and experimental evaluation of the effectiveness of training sessions on the development of professionally important qualities of a judge. The subject of research were the ideas of the participants of the game play about the image of judicial activity and the associated reflective work of arbitrator in the process of formation of professional competence. In the research have been studied the elements of the personality structure influencing the success of the profes-sional (management) activities of a judge of sport competitions in mini-football. To solve applied problems of interaction in the system "Judge Player" is used a new knowledge in the system of science based on semantic theory of interpersonal communication. The work also extended the possibility of using the semantic differential, specially designed and scientifically sound through the use of methods of mathematical statistics. These results contribute to the development of pedagogical and psychological research about the semantic components of interpersonal interaction in the system "judge a player."

About the autors:

Valentin Nikiforovich Zuev (1), Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department for Physical Culture and Sport Institute of Physical Education; Evgeny Nikolaevich Osintsev (2), Postgraduate student of the Department of Physical Culture and Sports Institute of Physical Education

Place of employment:

Tyumen State University (1); mini-football club «Tyumen» (2)


e-mail: zuev_sport72@mail.ru (1); e-mail: osinzeva@bk.ru (2)

Key words:

management activities of judge; the difficulties of interaction in the system «Judge – Player»; semantic sphere of personality; cognitive components of the judges consciousness