M. P. Prokhorova, S. V. Bulganina



Article is devoted to research of innovations in professional education and an assessment of influence of the introduced educational innovations at choice of educational institution by prospective students. Object of the research – perception of educational innovations by prospective students of pedagogical higher education institution. As a research objective definition of extent of influence of knowledge of prospective students of the educational innovations used in the educational organization at their choice of educational institution acted. Research problems were definition of awareness of prospective students on educational innovations; definition of the place of educational innovations among criteria of the choice of higher education institution by entrants; determination of readiness of prospective students for training with use of educational innovations. Research has been conducted with use of questioning in March, 2016. Selection of respondents has made 142 school students of Nizhny Novgorod aged from 13 till 18 years. Questionnaires were processed by statistical meth-ods, summary tables were formed and graphic interpretation of results was carried out. During research criteria of the choice of educational institution, awareness of school students on the purposes, contents and possible types of innovations in professional education, opinion of prospective students on need of updating of educational programs of higher education institution, the relation of school students to-level tasks and individual educational a training trajectory, interest of entrants in use of innovative educational technologies, and also innovative educational technologies which are most interesting to future students came to light. Following the results of research the following results have been received: in general school students adequately understand essence and need of educational innovations for educational process (that it is connected with active introduction of innovations and at modern school); educational innovations aren't considered by prospective students as important criterion of the choice of the educational organization for further education; possibilities of electronic/distance learning, the choice of content of education and creation of individual educational trajectories, applications of active methods of training, participation in design and research activity are interesting to entrants. On the basis of results of the conducted research recommendations about advance of educational innovations in education market are formulated. It is expedient to position educational innovations as ways of the effective organization of educational process which allow to increase quality of vocational training. Concrete recommendations about positioning of educational innovations by higher education institution for his advance in education market are presented in article. Materials of research can be of interest to researchers who are engaged in studying of problems of introduction of innovations in educational

About the autors:

Maria Petrovna Prokhorova (1), Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Innovative Technologies of Management; Svetlana Viktorovna Bulganina (2), Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Innovative Technologies of Management

Place of employment:

Minin Nizhny Novgorod Statе Pedagogical University (1,2)


e-mail: masha.proh@mail.ru (1); e-mail: sv.bulganina@yandex.ru (2).

Key words:

innovations; professional education; perception; prospective students; educational technologies; educational institution