T. V. Baybakova, N. N. Lyalikova



The popularity of streetball is increasing every day. The game features high speed and a wide variety of attacking and defending actions. A streetball game played on small area places special demands on the technical, tactical, psychological and physical fitness of the players. Players need to have a universal skill set and be ready to act as a playmaker, a striker or a centre. Therefore, for greater efficiency, training and improvement of technical-tactical actions (TTD) is parallel to mastering the technical and tactical interactions. The paper determines semester structure in the annual training of student basketball players. It includes the following mesocycles: retractor, basic, precompetitive, competitive and recovery-support and four-week schedule for training students for competitions, where special attention is paid to improving speed, coordination abilities and tactical interactions. Experimental learning technology allows us to create the conditions for a step-by-step development of autonomous modules, implement interim control coinciding with the completion of each module. It also allows giving more attention to the quality development of technical and tactical techniques (TTP), specific actions in streetball through consistent training, highlighting priority elements in technique and tactics. Applying modular technology in training sessions enables basketball players to improve the performance of TTD and competitive-gaming activity via special exercises. It has an overall positive impact on the quality of the training process, allows us to focus on the structure of learning material and design a training program.

About the autors:

Tatyana Valerievna Baybakova (1), degree-seeking candidate of the Department of Physical Training and Sports at Omsk State Technical University, Senior Teacher of the Department of Physical Training and Sport; Natalya Nikolaevna Lyalikova (2), Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences (PhD), Associate Professor at the Department of Physical Training and Sports

Place of employment:

Omsk State Technical University (1, 2)


e-mail: gonzy@mail.ru (1), e-mail: fizomgtu@mail.ru (2)

Key words:

modular technology; technical and tactical actions; students; streetball; learning and training process; competitive and game activity