O. G. Prikot



The paper offers a possible solution for identifying methodological basis of designing management innovations in the context of lifelong learning in Russia. It is obvious that lifelong learning is going through the institutionalization and this process requires adequate management on all levels of education. However, methodological approaches to be used as a basis for all administrative decisions are yet to be determined. Moreover, so far this issue has not become as widely discussed in the education community. The purpose of this study is to synthesize current methodological and philosophical ideas concerning the dialectics of animate and inanimate, linear and nonlinear in the education systems and to unite the results arising from attempts to create the conditions for formal institutionalization of lifelong learning within current legal regulations. The study describes organizational theories applied for establishing educational organizations that develop in the context of lifelong learning institutionalization and renders on the ideological basics of effective school as described by P. Mortimer, namely, a special case of multi-rational organizational system developed for the educational purposes. The author concludes that the aforementioned contexts are localized within the legal framework of a particular educational organization. It means that while managing the process of bringing the institutional legal framework in coherence with the current legal acts of a higher level, a manager should be aware of the grounds on which the development and introduction of these regulations was started in the first place. The study is based on such major research methods as philosophical and methodological analysis of current education systems, legal analysis of the regulatory framework of lifelong learning institutionalization, procedures of systems synthesis. The research results are used in the system of continuing occupational education, and in the process of professional retraining and further training of management staff.

About the autors:

Oleg Georgievich Prikot, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences (Grand PhD), Professor at the Public Administration School

Place of employment:

National Research University «Higher School of Education»


Key words:

lifelong learning; institutionalization of lifelong learning; organic system; multi-rational system; deschooling; circular organization; non-linear processes in education; coexistence of linear and non-linear in education