N. N. Klementsova



The paper is devoted to the way the concept of general cultural competency is interpreted by the Federal State Education Standards of Higher Education. General cultural competency of a graduate is regarded as one of the learning outcomes and as a crucial factor of the student’s personality development. The author addresses the description of the outcomes arising from mastering major educational programs, covering diverse profiles and levels of vocational training. The aim pursued is to reveal the way these results correspond to the requirements to train a new type specialist characterized not only by high professional qualities but also by general personal culture and educated behavior. The author points at some shortcomings linked with the description of the results of educational activity in terms of general cultural competency, testifying to a low degree of standardization of these results postulated by the Federal State Education Standards. Since the 3+ generation standards eliminate the exposed shortcomings only partially, there is a hope that they will be completely eradicated by the 4th generation of the federal standards. The author agrees with the optimistic view shared by the scientific and pedagogical community on the advances in reforming Russian higher education. The author believes that the existence of the revealed problems accompanying the introduction of the Federal State Education Standards, in particular those concerning the description of the results of the educational activity in terms of general cultural competency, shall not question the very possibility and necessity of such a description. This situation can only testify to the complexity of the described object and point at the necessity of thorough revision of the conceptual apparatus used within the Federal Standards. The idea that modern higher vocational education is as inconceivable without its general cultural component the same way efficient personality development is impossible without personal culture development, remains unaltered.

About the autors:

Nadezhda Nikolaevna Klementsova, Candidate of Philological Sciences (PhD), Associate Professor at the Department of Foreign Languages

Place of employment:

Kaliningrad State Technical University


e-mail: nadiaklem@list.ru

Key words:

general cultural competency; the Federal State Education Standards; higher vocational education; requirements for learning outcomes