I. P. Istomina



This study considers the issue of training bachelor students for future work in the field of moral and spiritual education. Moral and spiritual education is prioritized in the Federal State Education Standards and in the Strategy for Education Development in the Russian Federation until 2025. The author states that training students to work in the field of moral and spiritual development should be viewed not only as a state policy requirement, but also as a current pedagogical task which reflects the needs of modern Russian society where morality has decreased and spiritual and moral values have been significantly deformed. The paper proves the necessity to educate students so that they have knowledge, skills and abilities to organize their future work of development of moral and spiritual values during the educational process. The author suggests a possible solution for the specified issue in the form of a course aimed at shaping the following competencies: ability to develop moral and spiritual values through extracurricular activities; readiness to interact with the participants of educational process; ability to organize cooperation among students and to support their active and involved participation, support their autonomy and develop their creative abilities. The paper presents the major content of the «Basics of origin studies» course which discusses the basic concepts of moral and spiritual development of Russian students. This course is a part of sociocultural educational program «Social and cultural roots». The paper presents a diagnostic toolkit designed by the author for group student work. The author believes that the course «Basics of origin studies» taught with the help of active teaching and learning methods will allow developing professional competencies to further nurture basic national values.

About the autors:

Irina Pavlovna Istomina, Candidate of Psychological Sciences (PhD), Associate Professor at the Department for Education and Developmental Psychology

Place of employment:

Nizhnevartovsk State University


e-mail: istominai@mail.ru

Key words:

educational strategy; moral and spiritual roots; moral and spiritual education; social and cultural background; value system; professional training; competencies