I.A.Pogonysheva, D.A.Pogonyshev, A.A.Krylova



In the study the researchers have assessed the impact of high background noise on the physiological parameters of the nervous system and performance of human body. The study of the nervous system was conducted in two study groups. As for the control group, the acoustic environment of the working area was not characterized by high level of background noise. The study has revealed that the nervous system for those people in the experimental group who were subjected to the high level noise level exceeding the permissible limit at their workplace during the day showed certain changes in its physiological parameters, such as increase in time required for simple and complex reaction to the light signal, reduced strength of the nervous system, reduced mobility of the extinction and activation processes. This lead to poor performance, less concentration, memory degradation, and poor ability to perceive and process information in the experimental group. The representatives of the control group have showed much less changes in the performance by the end of the day, as their performance remained at a high level.

About the autors:

Irina Alexandrovna Pogonysheva, Candidate of Biology, Assistant Professor at the Department of Ecology; Denis Alexandovich Pogonyshev, Candidate of Biology, Assistant Professor at the Department of Ecology; Anna Alexandrovna Krylova, student.

Place of employment:

Nizhnevartovsk State University.


e-mail: d.pogonyshev@mail.ru

Key words:

noise impact; performance; nervous system