Роль культурно-исторического фактора в формировании современной хозяйственной специализации Приишимья


The key territorial problem in the economy of Pri-Ishimje which can be solved by the local governments is the disparity between the imposed specialization and the working practices and traditions of the local population. The lack of integrated approaches to the development and distribution of industries the region is the other problem. The priorities should be changed and it is necessary to put emphasis on the economical and ecological factors of sustainable society development. Special attention has to be paid to sociocultural problems. Underestimation of culture-historical factors in economic specialization may produce negative effect on the territorial economic and social systems functioning.

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ГОУ ВПО Ишимский педагогический институт им. П.П.Ершова, г.Ишим, Россияим. П.П.Ершова, г.Ишим, Россия


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