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The Bulletin Of Nizhnevartovsk State University (Vestnik Nizhnevartovskogo Gosudarstvennogo Universiteta) is a periodic scientific publication issued since 2008. The journal is published quarterly by the Publishing House of Nizhnevartovsk State University

The journal publishes the results of original research and review papers on the most topical issues of the biological, humanities and pedagogical sciences.

The journal is registered with the Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Communications (Roskomnadzor). Certificate of NVSU Bulletin Printed Publication # FS77-55479 as of 25th September, 2013.

The Bulletin Of Nizhnevartovsk State University (Vestnik Nizhnevartovskogo Gosudarstvennogo Universiteta) has been included in the list of VAK, (Russian Higher Attestation Commission), with the right to publish scientific articles of doctoral and postgraduate students, necessary for the defense of theses for the Russian scientific degrees of Candidate of Sciences and Doctor of Sciences. On December 1, 2015, the new list was approved by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation Ministry of Education.          

The journal is included in the Russian Post Catalog of the Russian Press (Subscription index 24943).

The journal is registered in the ISSN-register: ISSN 2311-1402 (printed version), ISSN 2311-4444 (electronic version).

The journal is included in the citation indices and international bibliographic databases: Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI), Scientific Electronic Library, Open Academic Journals Index, Polska Bibliografia Naukowa, Research Bible, Scientific Indexing Services (SIS), Google Academy, ESJI, ERIH PLUS, MIAR, ZDB.

The bulletin has three thematic issues reflecting the following research areas:

- Biological Sciences
03.02.08 Ecology

- Humanities
07.00.02 National History
07.00.03 World History

- Pedagogical Sciences
13.00.04 Theory and Methods of Physical Training, Sports, Recreational and Adapted Physical Education
13.00.08 Theory and Methods of Vocational Education 

Лицензия Creative Commons The materials of Bulletin of Nizhnevartovsk State University are published under the terms of Creative Attribution 4.0 International license. The Bulletin Of Nizhnevartovsk State University created by Sergey I. Gorlov, is published under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. The Bulletin is based on the work from The authorizations beyond the scope of this license may be available on the Contact page.


Dear Colleagues!
We invite You to publish the results of their research in the field of Pedagogical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Historical Sciences.

Publishing program

A publishing program for thematic issues of the journal:

Issue 1. Humanities Sciences (March)
Issue 2. Pedagogical Sciences (June)
Issue 3. Biological Sciences (September)
Issue 4. Humanities Sciences (December) 

The latest issue

The contents:

Algotcenoses composition of reservoirs In Volgograd region

Taxonomic structure of cyanoprokaryota and algae of water bodies in «Yugra» park (Nizhnevartovsk area, Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous okrug – Yugra)

Lichens species composition in the Kur-Araz lowland

The first find of Althenia filiformis (Zannichelliaceae) in the Omsk region

Results and prospects of introduction of bamboos (Bambusa Schreb) at the southern coast of the Crimea

Zonal peculiarities of the vegetation cover and its preservation in the North-Eastern part of Tuva

Technogenic contamination of meadow ecosystems in the Sozh river floodplain in Vetka district, Gomel region, 30 years after the chernobyl catastrophe

First record of freshwater bryozoa Plumatella emarginata Allman, 1844 (Phylactolaemata) in the aquatic invertebrate fauna in the Kurchatov reservoir

Effects of gasoline and diesel fuel on testate amoebae communities

Changes of oribatid mites population in soils of Tazovskiy peninsula under conditions of atmospheric pollution

Long-term effect of cenomanian solutions on communities of soil nematodes in light gray forest soils

Trophic effect of moose (Alces Alces, L.) on coniferous undergrowth in 5–20 year-old deciduous and coniferous young forests

Interdependence of parameters of physical and mental health and component composition of the organisms of women working in the oil and gas industry

Prevalence of type d personality among undergraduate students

Influence of hemispheric nature of the brain on the adaptation of northern university students

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